Through music and thrifted up-cycled clothing, Julia Ryan explores the conversation of our own humanity and our connection to the earth. Not only making music that reflects different aspects of the human experience but also recycling old/damaged clothing to create trendy, creative, and wearable art. Bringing the conclusion to a full circle that we are all connected as a human race and to the earth through compassion, understanding, and empathy. Rediscovering love for ourselves, for others, and the earth through music, hand curated thrift, and up-cycled fashion. 

Each featured item is worn by a unique human who styles the up-cycled item in any way that they desire by asking themselves one of the following three questions; “What does being human mean to you?; What inspires you to stay creative in your life?; and How do you feel and what keeps you connected to the earth?” Her fans/customers not only connect to the item but also the style of the person wearing it, their vibe, and of course the feelings they feel when wearing the clothing which is a deep connection.  Her fans/customers are very much a part of Ryan’s music and with every purchased up-cycled item, the money goes towards the creation of her music.