The intention of this project is to reflect the intuitive, physical and emotional levels of the overall human experience; acknowledging the unique journey within ourselves and others. Throughout the process of creating this EP, it allowed me to explore who I want to be as an artist. I want my music to delve into the mixture of layers that reflect the continuous process of living in our own humanity. 

This collection of songs are meant to showcase holding space for the ups and downs in life, and for us to reflect the process of evolving as human beings. From the song Move, which is about feeling good in your own skin by dancing, to the song Beans, a story about suicide and depression, the project reflects the broad spectrum of what we endure in life.

The main song of this EP, Human, asks the question “what does it mean to be human?” This question is subtly carried throughout the whole EP by reflecting the beautiful and uncomfortable moments that make us human: that no one is perfect and we’re all going through something, whether abundant success or detrimental heartbreak. This doesn’t define who we are. I want this EP to embody the idea that the experiences we endure aren’t “cookie cutter,” and the project as a whole to feel honest and resilient.  

Overall, each song resembles a sense of self discovery to help understand ourselves and others during the good and bad. This project embodies an artistic mirror of what we all go through, no matter who we are. Though our experiences may be different based on how we were raised, our religious beliefs, the color of our skin, our sex or who we choose to love, we can all come to the same conclusion: that we are all experiencing the growing pains of being imperfectly human.